What a terrible dream.

So last night, I had a dream that brought me to actual tears.

I was going on vacation to the United States with my family. When we arrived, it was time to do some visiting so we set off for the day. We had heard on the news that there was a gang in the city that we were visiting and the gang was doing random shootouts and were killing people.

And of course, later that day, we were involved in another one of their shootouts. The gang members were about 15 to 20 years old. They all had handguns. They had surrounded a good 20 people including my family and I. If you moved without authorization, you were shot. So a good 10 people went down within minutes. We were then told to move towards a certain building not far from us and anyone who ran would get shot. That`s when my mother was shot. At this point the cops had showed up. It turns out though, that the gang even had the city police wrapped around their finger. The cop would point out who wasn`t doing what they were supposed to do. And soon enough my sister was shot. My dad stopped going towards the building and they left him alone, stating that they would be back to taunt him with me.

In the end, it was only me and one other girl who made it to the building. They shoved us through and back out the back door to a big white van. They then brought us to their headquarters and I was forced to find myself a room and stay there until they decided what to do with me. Needless to say, I couldn`t find a room. So I ended up sharing with someone else.

The dream fast forwarded to the future and I had gotten away after many years. My dad had been shot eventually and they had also gone to my friend`s house to kill him too. I was left alone.

The last part of my dream happened on the street that I live on. Everyone was telling me how much I had missed out cause apparently, there had been a zombie apocalypse and I didn`t understand what it meant to lose the ones you love. I walked home crying.

That`s when I woke up. What a horrible dream! I usually dream of zombie apocalypses. This was just downright scary because it actually felt real. It doesn`t matter, another beautiful day outside today and I`m sure to forget what happened.


Have any comments? By all means, let me know!

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