My saviour!

On Friday, I was really busy. This was my schedule.

8:45 – Quiz in economics that I forgot about

9:50 – French (I read the entire time)

11:00 – Physics (surprisingly, I enjoy physics, we’re learning how to calculate projectiles.)

Here starts the crazy part.

12:00 – Pass the cafeteria line to get my food because I’m on the student council and we were organizing an activity for the other students later on.

– Realized that I needed to go get my graduation robe for my grad pictures so I ran to get that done first.

– Realized that I needed to take over the secretary position while she went for her lunch. I always cover for her on Fridays and I had just forgotten. That means I had to skip the activity.

1:00 – Went to Theatre class (we all ended up dancing by the end of it.)

2:00 – Signed out of school at the office. Secretary told me to take my time because I was rushing.

2-05 – Got home with the truck, gathered stuff I needed for work (vest,black socks, shirt, dress pants, shoes) Grabbed wallet and Halloween makeup.

2-10 – Jumped in the truck and headed for town

2:28 – Ran into the bookstore, said hello and threw everything into a locker. Said bye.

2-30 – Got to my hair appointment

3:45 – Got to my makeup appointment, paid, said thank, you left.

3:50 – Got into truck and headed for the photographer’s place.

3:55 – Got in right away for appointment.

4:30 – Grad pictures all done. I looked great. Paid, said thank you, left.

4:40 – Still couldn’t merge back on the highway, too many cars.

4:50 – Got back to the mall. Grabbed something to eat, headed for work.

5:00 – Ate like a madman.

5:10 – Signed into work, get dressed worked.

6:00 – Sore throat, went to pharmacy, asked for strongest stuff. Survived.

9:15- Done work, went to pick up my friend Lyanne. We then drove to her house.

9:20- Got ready for the dance, I transformed into a zombie.

9:40- Left for the school because there was a dance.

10- Arrived at the dance.

12:00- Dance is done, I am tired. Dad drives me home.

Soooooo, on Saturday morning, I am crazy sick it’s ridiculous.I went to the hospital for some antibiotics and had to cancel work and slept for a good 12 hours.

This is what saved me :

                     There is just something in this that makes anyone feel better. It’s magical.


Have any comments? By all means, let me know!

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