I am no fan of the ocean.


I will be dead honest with you guys, the ocean terrifies me. Scares me so bad I have nightmares about it. I have a phobia of whales. Which is actually called cetaphobia. I know, it sounds crazy and maybe it is. I’m getting better though. Recently, my sister bought this game

At first I was like, HA no way am I watching you play that. That will scare me shitless. But I watched her play it and soon enough I played it myself. Amazingly this game is calm. Sure there are huge whales and sharks and dolphins and stuff but all that you do is dive around and search for new animals. Calm serene music plays in the background and I love it. I recommend this game to anyone who has a fear of the ocean! Just don’t go to the part that brings you to the abyss. That was a little scary.


One thought on “I am no fan of the ocean.

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