Getting through the holiday wait…

Halloween is over.

Nothing is happening.

It’s depressing.

Did I mention it’s REALLY cold?


Well, It’s that time of year again, the time where everyone patiently waits for the Christmas holidays to arrive. No one really wants to jump into the Christmas shopping, let alone think about the snow that could start falling any minute. This is the time of year where all the dollar stores bring out their Christmas decorations and it’s also the time of year where you walk around the mall and realize… There’s Christmas music playing. You can’t tell me you haven’t wanted to punch someone in the face for that. I mean come on people. Halloween just finished yesterday!

The problem with all of this is that there’s nothing else to do! No snow to shovel, no igloos to build, no polar bears to ride on. Face it, November can get pretty boring. Especially if all the leaves have already fallen off the trees due to hurricane Sandy.

I just wanted to tell everyone out there who feels like I do that November will pass by quickly, it always does. This is just the holiday wait, people. No need to take  out your Christmas tree yet!

Hum… They should make a holiday in November, something to celebrate between Christmas and Halloween… Also, it shouldn’t be a costly holiday because everyone wants to save their money for Christmas. Maybe a day to celebrate Harry Potter, or Lord of the Rings… YES! Oh my goodness, I will celebrate the 19th of November as Lord of the Rings day. LORDVEMBER!




Have any comments? By all means, let me know!

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