Can I seriously be doing everything wrong?

Well, I told myself I would never talk about my problems on this blog. I promise you, that isn’t really what I’m going to do.

Lately, things have been happening and I’m not too happy about it. I feel small. Like I can’t do anything right.

I know that’s wrong though!

I am almost done high school, that must count for something. I also think that I am capable of many things.

And that goes for everyone. The trick is to find something you’re passionate about. Once you decide what is important in your life, the rest doesn’t matter. You have to brush off the bad comments, the insults and any other obstacles that are thrown in front of you. You have to be true to yourself. The only way you’ll accomplish something and feel proud of it is if you make sure you’re happy before even starting.

You can do anything. There is nothing stopping someone from doing something. Starting something new. Following one’s heart is not impossible. I pity those who tell you you can’t do it. They obviously don’t see the potential in one’s mind. They don’t see how powerful one human being can be. Look at all those people out there, doing incredible things. Helping others, following their dreams. I want to be like one of those people someday. Accomplish my life dream and do my best and what I like to do. I want to be a writer, an artist, a teacher and a friend. Most importantly, I want to be me. That is my ultimate goal. Isn’t it everyone’s?

Doesn’t everyone want to be themselves? Even if that means trying to do the same things as someone else. You’re still being yourself. You’re doing it your way, adding your own personal touch to it, making it your own. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be yourself and until someone comes up and tells you ‘No, you can’t be yourself. It isn’t right.’ they’re nuts.

*takes a deep breath* there, I feel better now. πŸ™‚ Tomorrow is a new day and today will never happen again. Might as well do the best you can tomorrow instead of dwell on what didn’t go well today.



Have any comments? By all means, let me know!

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