Casual Vacancy by J. K. Rowling.



I am sorry to say but I didn’t like this book. Harry Potter was great but I’ll be honest, this wasn’t my kind of read. This book is dark and you end up hating all the characters. I had nothing to look forward to because I hated everyone. I didn’t even finish it. I just couldn’t do it anymore, it was driving me insane. To all those people who read this and liked it, good on ya. I kind of feel bad that I couldn’t finish it but hey, I’m not going to torture myself by reading something that really doesn’t interest me. I guess J.K. Rowling has enough money now, I don’t see why she would write another amazing book anyways, she doesn’t need to.

The saddest part about this book is that I wasn’t planning on buying it… Unfortunately I didn’t have a choice because after borrowing it, someone stole my bag with the book inside!  I tackled that person and retrieved my book but it was damaged, so I had to pay for it. 😦

Bah, it’s ok. Maybe in a couple of years I’ll try rereading it.

I must give this book a 2 out of 10.
casual vacancy by J. K. Rowling


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