Feed by Mira Grant

During Christmas break, I didn’t read. I was having too much fun to sit my bum down and read. As soon as school started, I read this as fast as I could.

What can I say, this was a pretty good book, I was impressed. It’s a post zombie apocalypse book so I was actually quite impressed. It was about a group of bloggers that are asked to follow the elections for the president of the united states. I have to admit, for a bunch of journalists, they had awesome characters. I really enjoyed the way the story was a constant flow and not just BLAH. It’s the kind of book that makes you think about what would happen after a zombie apocalypse. Of course there is always chaos and whatnot but in this book it’s more civilized. It was nice to read something zombie related that didn’t just scream KILL ALL THE ZOMBIES! LET THERE BE BLOOD AND GUTS. It was kind of a : Yes, there are zombies outside, may I have some coffee now?

I’d recommend this book to anyone who thinks they know every possible zombie apocalypse scenario. Or to anyone who is getting a tad bit bored of the extreme survival motto that everyone seems to have.  And also, there is a sequel to this book, which is what I am currently reading…

I would give this book a solid 8 out of 10.

Feed by Mira Grant


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