Amped by Daniel H. Wilson

Amped by Daniel H. WilsonThis book was fantastic. I loved how everything was so well thought out. Amped is a book about these humans that recieve brain implants that either correct mental illnesses or help those who have a hard time focusing.

The book is based on this man who teaches at a school and he witnesses one of his students commit suicide because of her Amp. Amps actually amplify brain waves and make better connections so anyone who has them has very sharp senses. The student who committed suicide couldn’t handle being an amp anymore.

That’s when the teacher’s life gets torn apart. The government declares that amps are taking over the normal human world and that they are basically considered nothing to their eyes so this teacher must find his way around without getting caught because somehow they think he was responsible for his student’s suicide.

The beauty of this book is about a population that is considered to be a minority but they try to rebel against the world in order to gain freedom and equality. Those are certain things that people fight for everyday so it was a futuristic twist on what is already happening in the world.

I gave this book to one of my teachers because I no longer have the room to keep books but I recommend it to any adult sci-fi fan who wants something short and easy to get into. I don’t believe there will be a sequel to the book but I was very satisfied with the way it ended.

I give this book a good 9 out of 10


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