Paper Mario for N64

Paper Mario for N64

The N64 is probobly one of my favorite consoles. I got mine a long time ago, after my NES and I have played it so much, I had to replace two of my controllers because the analog stick wasn’t working properly anymore. My system works in perfect condition. I have a couple games that don’t work anymore but that is because they are second hand. I recommend anyone who has older console games and machines to take great care of them because they won’t be around forever.

Paper Mario is a great game.  They made Mario as thin as paper which was very clever and the story line is about Mario who wants to save Princess Peach, no surprise there. Mario encounters enemies which he must defeat using his own strength and the help of his star friends which he saves throughout the game. You also get to have a party, which means certain characters you encounter follow you on your journey to find princess peach. They all have abilities that you need to cross different parts of the game. It’s really fun.

I have played this game for hours and hours and never got bored of it. I would recommend this game for all ages. It’s really fun! The items he can find and use are awesome and I like the whole concept of using badges instead of upgrades to the character. You decide which badges he should have on and what powers he should be allowed to use.

10 out of 10 on the games scale.


2 thoughts on “Paper Mario for N64

  1. Same here. Love Mario and especially Super Mario 64. I can’t believe how much time I’d spent on that thing. Donkey Kong 64 was another one of my faves. I loved Paper Mario because of all the options to fight. Like I said, I can’t believe the time that went into all those games!

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