Some of you might not already know this, but I graduated high school just a couple of months ago. YAY

I’m off to university in a month and I can officially say that I’m getting nervous. Me, going to a big city instead of living in a small tiny village… scary. I have traveled a lot though and I’m ready to live somewhere different. Anyways, I’m also going to be documenting this new chapter in my life by posting here and there random thoughts about how things are going or anything I might want to share with the world.

Another cool thing that’s happening in my life right now is that I’m writing a book. This book has been a work in progress for years and I finally decided to really give it a big push and finish it. I won’t be posting any real content on here but I’ll mention it now and then, to update how it’s going.

Back to my whole university dilemma, everytime I post something about university, I will try to give one tip or one bit of advice in every post.

Here’s advice number one:

Pack the majority of your stuff a couple weeks before you leave, saves the headaches and rushing around to find it all last minute.

And now, to throw this out there here is a special picture of myself holding a flower shaped lettuce stem that I cut while making salad.



Have any comments? By all means, let me know!

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