Sims 3 Locations packs

Sims 3 worldsI only have two locations so far, I would like to get more because some of the new ones are pretty awesome. Anyways, I have the Barnacle Bay one which is pirate themed. I like to use the outfits when I make characters like Captain Jack Sparrow. The Monte Vista one is kind of like italy. It comes with a nice town that reminds you of a town you would find in Italy. That pack comes with an oven that lets you make pizza and pastas. I don’t use the location often but I like the oven. 🙂

I would give these packs 10 out of 10 because I love sims.


4 thoughts on “Sims 3 Locations packs

  1. I bought a combo pack with Hidden Springs and Monte Vista together. I have to pick up Barnacle Bay. I am getting used to Dragon Valley which reminds me of Scotland.

    • That’s awesome! I wanted to get the Dragon Valley one but I wasn’t sure how cool the dragons would be… Do they do anything other than chill on your shoulder? Like, do you need to feed them and stuff? The map looks incredibly cool though!

  2. I still have to buy Sims 3. I still have Sims 2 I fire up once in a while and immediately go to the Bon Voyage expansion. I love how my Sim loves the beach. I love also the restaurant area and the look of everything during the night.

    Convince me some more to purchase Sims 3 cuz I’m been holding off getting a new system! lol 😉

    • haha, its tough to get into a new game, because then you’ll want some expansions. They’re almost done releasing the games for sims 3 seeing as sims 4 is about to be released in 2014. Super excited for that 😀
      So either go with something new like sims 3 or wait a little bit for something even newer like sims 4. Either way you’ll be blown away by how different the game seems compared to sims 2.

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