GAH! Why, why why WHY must I procrastinate. I had a full two weeks to work on my book, what did I do? Nothing. Well no, I wouldn’t call what I have done to be nothing. Here is a long list of what I’ve done. (haha)

-I made some pixel art in Minecraft! It took a considerably large amount of time seeing as it is my first one and I don’t have a very good rhythm at it yet. I don’t find it easy to make pixel art in Minecraft. In fact, I think of it as incredibly boring.


-I painted my nails. A nice champagne color. I went shopping for some more things for university like nail polish remover, advil, etc.

-I planned my trip to Orlando Florida. Lately, I was having dreams about going to Disney World and I decided, you know what? I’m going to plan the trip and all the expenses and start up a savings plan and I will go someday!

-I played The Sims 3. Not a lot but I did play a little bit. Β Just to pass time. I might play a little more today actually…

– I played a lot of Animal Crossing. What a fun game that is. I bought myself a 3DS and the Animal Crossing game for it is pretty awesome. I play it frequently during the day because you can’t just sit there and play for hours, eventually there is nothing left to do. (I will be coming out with a review on that sometime soon. )

– I went for walks. I had to walk around the neighborhood to see what there was to see.

– I watched TV shows about food. Yeah, that wasn’t very exciting…

– I slept… A lot. I needed that sleep though, this past year and summer were awesome and hectic so it was nice to take two weeks and relax hardcore.

I probably did other things but I can’t think of anything on the top of my head.

Anyways, all that said and done, I will now continue writing for most of the day. Hopefully get a big chunk done of what I wanted to accomplish for the past two weeks. NO MORE PROCRASTINATING!!!! I have to be strong and resist the urge to go on Facebook and other sites that will make me lost concentration… Well maybe I’ll check Facebook one last time… Just once.


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