My pokémon party. (cute)

DSC01569You might not already know, but I love pokemon. Just last night, I sat down on my floor in my dorm room, took out all of my pokemon cards and decided which ones I liked best to put into a new little holder for them, I will be posting them soon enough. For you guys today, I wanted to show you my perfect pokemon party in terms of my favorite pokemon and not the strongest.


First on my list would be Ninetails. This is a beautiful pokemon. It looks like a dog with nine tails. Hence the name. Not only does this pokemon look like a dog, it’s also a beautiful pokemon that looks majestic and poised. I always liked Ninetails and I could never seem to catch one in the wild while playing the pokemon games.


The second pokémon on my list is Charmander. Charmander is my desktop background right now. I mean look at this guy, he’s a cute little burning lizard! 😀 Charmander evolvs into Charizard and everyone knows that Charizard is boss. I would rather my Charmander get as strong as Charizard because then he could  be cute, AND strong.

The Eevee evolutions are my favorite pokémon but I can’t just have a party with Eevee evolutions so I only picked two of my favorite. Leafeon is the grass type Eevee evolution and it looks like it has leaves for ears, fur and tail. It’s so pretty.
espeonThe other Eevee evolution I like is Espeon. Firstly, because the pokémon is purple. Secondly, because it’s cute and looks graceful. I find the look of this pokémon to be very feminine. There aren’t really any reasons NOT to want this pokémon in your party. I mean look at it!


Lopunny is the most stylish/fashionable pokémon out there in my opinion. It’s fur makes it look like a superstar. Which is probably one of the only reasons why I like it other than the fact that it’s a bunny and bunnies are cute.

skittyAnd Skitty. The cute little skitty with the random needles in its tail. (I know they aren’t needled but they look like it) I like Skitty because it’s name is very adorable to pronounce and it just looks so cute, all the time.


Looking at my pokemon party now, I realise that it would be useless in many battles. Especially big strong ones. I’m sure I could make these guys strong but they aren’t very intimidating and just don’t seem to be the fighting type. (Other than like Charmander and maybe Ninetails) I have decided that I would use this party as a pokémon contest party. They would probably win every cute contest ever haha.


Hope you enjoyed, maybe I’ll post other parties that I would use in other circumstances? Who knows 🙂




2 thoughts on “My pokémon party. (cute)

  1. Without the intention of being sexist, I have to wonder. Why do the ladies love Ninetails so much? I think it’s cool but the girls go nuts for it including my girlfriend. What’s wrong with a healthy Arcanine?

    • Hum, that is a good question. I feel like Ninetails is the opposite of Arcanine. Both fire type dogs. I also feel like Arcanine is a more ‘manly dog’. When it comes to something cute, Ninetails is the winner. I don’t know. I guess women just sometimes naturally feel attracted to cuter looking pokémon. Another thing would be the design of the pokémon. Arcanine has pointy fur. Jagged strands that look like an explosion where as Ninetails has more smooth curves like the tails. Women are sometimes softer and gentler then men. Note that I don’t mean to be sexist either but it’s just out of pure nature that we act that way. It’s a good question though.

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