I gotta step up my game.

If you guys haven’t noticed, I haven’t been doing much posting anymore.

Here’s the catch. University is a handful and I’m not talking just the studying. You have your whole social life as well as school work. I’ve met some amazing people here in University. Everyone from my floor is so awesome and supportive and we do a lot together. I don’t know what I would have done these last couple of weeks without them. We’ve had good laughs as well as some feel good crying moments.

I’m having so much fun here. There is just so much to do compared to my little home town. The mall is a 10 minute walk away, I can get basically anywhere with the bus.  I am also learning how tough it is to keep up good grades in university. I’ll be honest, I am not doing perfectly (no one should) but I wish I was doing a little bit better than where I am at the moment. I’m trying the best I can and that’s all I can do, right?

All of the social and academic stuff aside, I have also been doing a lot of thinking. Mostly about what I wanted to do with my life and if I was making the right choices.

1st major change: I have decided to switch my minor in music for a minor in English. I’ve realized that music classes here are intense and not really for me.

2nd major change: I don’t play video games that much anymore. I do on my spare time but not often. I decided to not do the whole Youtube thing. Yeah it was cool and fun, but it drained a lot of my spare time that I could have used to study.

3rd major change: I really want to finish writing my book so I am really trying to sit down and just keep on writing. I have all the ideas, it’s just taking the time to actually write them all down that’s taking a bit of convincing.

…sigh… Big changes eh?

I also have some very exciting announcements to make:

1. I have the new Pokémon game and I am almost done of it.

2. I am almost done Christmas shopping for Adam, my sister and my mom.

3. I HAVE A NEW PHONE!!! So now I’m on Snapchat and Instagram and I’m just so excited about it.  (To make a long story short, I was having many difficulties getting a new phone and this fairy god mother basically gave me a brand new Google Nexus 4 for free with a case and all I had to pay for was the 65 dollar warranty which is NOTHING!

PHIEW! That was a mouthful (wordfull).

Now you know what’s going on with my life.

Here are some more words of knowledge:

Pinterest will take over your life so beware if you are using it during class…

Do the best you can. If you get a bad note, study harder and always give your 100%. The only way you truly fail, in my opinion, is if you don’t try.

-Natalie ❤


2 thoughts on “I gotta step up my game.

  1. You always have some awesome words of wisdom to give to others. We have to realize that we all make mistakes and we all have bad days, it’s what to do about them that decides our fate. Love Mom xoxo

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