Amazing start on my journey!

If you didn’t know, I finished my exams last week on the 16th. I am proud to say that I am officially done my first semester of my first year of university.

Let me do a quick recap for you:

Firstly, I came to Ottawa from a very small town… (You can see how that may have been a challenge for me. This university alone has almost half the amount of people in my entire province… It made me realize how small of a speck I am to the world. (Though I am a speck that shines pretty bright)

Secondly, now that I am in a city, I have seen the band Walk Off the Earth and they are amazing so I was pretty excited to have seen them live! I also have a job, it’s in one of the biggest bookstores in Canada and we have many book signings and it’s a crazy environment to work in. I like it though, challenging, yet satisfying.

Thirdly, I’m now really good at taking the city bus! I know how to get around and if I’m lost, I can easily turn on my data or just ask for help. (did I mention I got a new phone? Pretty happy about that one… 😀 )

I was in a french major and music minor but I realized that that was a huge mistake, so I dropped my music class and changed my minor to an English minor. YAY for common sense.!

During my first semester, I took a Latin class and I can kind of say that I know the basics of Latin and I learned a lot. I am also learning Italian on my own spare time and plan on starting to learn some Japanese as well. If you haven’t already guessed, I have a passion for words. Anything that includes letters or speaking, I love it.

Latin skills:  Tua patria laudo. (I praise your country)

Italian skills (much better than Latin in my opinion) : La donna mangia una mela. (The woman eats an apple)

Sooner or later I’ll be a language master, not as awesome as a pokemon but meh, who said I can’t be both 🙂


So now I’m on holiday break… Everyone else left the residence. There is only me left on my floor. It is kind of sad. I’ll be here until the 23rd, then I’m going to a friend’s apartment because they kick me out of rez for a week.

I basically only have work to worry about. Almost done Christmas shopping!

Phiew, I always seem to have so much to say.

Anyways, I’m a little lonely here but that’s ok, I have the internets, my books, my writing, anime and youtube. 🙂 as well as knitting.




Have any comments? By all means, let me know!

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