Those frustrations though…

I had a mid-term today… and two tomorrow… and one Wednesday. Honestly, what am I going to do with my life. On top of that, my laptop has been dying all the time. I took it into a shop to be fixed and the people said there was nothing wrong with but DUN DUN DUN, it shut down again today with a blue screen of death.

Whatever, it turned on again and it’s working now so I don’t really think I will bring the laptop back in. As long as it’s working right?

I can’t even begin explaining how it was acting weird. So many different messages and errors, I swore it was a virus. (I will have to let it go eventually) I was ready to throw it in the garbage can (not literally).

It’s over and done. I need to stop thinking about it.

On the plus side, the Walking Dead started again last weekend!! I haven’t watched the first episode yet but I will very soon.

AND! My wheels kept turning since I last had my pretty amazing dream. I think I will finally be able to start writing it down a bit come this next week or so.  I also have another little idea brewing but I will have to think a little more before jumping into any details. This will be quite the project…

Keep being awesome guys!



Have any comments? By all means, let me know!

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