So about that laptop…

Unfortunatly, my laptop is still broken. I had to bring it back into the shop yesterday and let me tell you, I am NOT ok with this.

I’m scared it might be my harddrive…

On another note here is some breaking news! There has been a sinkhole that has formed litterally not even 2 minutes from where I live. Crazy right? It’s supposedly really really big. It’s close to 8 metres wide and 12 metres deep…


(This photo was taken from

What if maybe, just maybe the sinkhole leads into another dimension and that’s why the police don’t want you to go any closer!! It isn’t for your safety, they want to keep the other world a secret right under our noses. Haha just kidding, that would be crazy… Or would it? Something to think about I guess 🙂

Have a good weekend and stay forever you! Oh and watch out for that sinkhole.


Have any comments? By all means, let me know!

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