Just great…

I might of mentionned earlier that I was having computer issues… I had many computer issues, so many that I couldn’t even watch videos anymore.
Anyways, I got the computer fixed! Yay me right? Wrong! I paid 100 smackaroos and couldn’t find my toshiba restore discs. Without them, my computer is merely a machine.
You can now understand my frustrations… As my parents looked for the disks at home (remember, they live over 12 hours away) my mother stumbled upon my receipt.
Stupid little me had forgotten when I bought the darn machine and SURPRISE! I was still under the manufacturer’s warranty.

Just take a second and think about how stupid I felt… For weeks I was brining my laptop to the repair shop and paying money left and right to fix it when I still had a darn warranty!
It’s safe to say I got my money back for those poopy repairs and my laptop is currently being fixed by the manufacturer. It’s going to take a couple weeks though.
I will be patient, soon all of this will be behind me. I just need patience.
(I should mention that I kind of go insane without a computer, just goes to show how attached some humans have become.)



Have any comments? By all means, let me know!

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