I have issues ok? Deal with it!

This is a quick rant about simple things that make me angry.

1. Snow clearing or ice control in cities.

Maybe it’s an Ottawa thing but my goodness, what are the stupid plows doing? You drive around scrapping NOTHING half the time and I know because the minute I hear the scrapping sound of metal, I go check outside my window. Yo bro, there’s this thing on your snowplow that lets you RAISE YOUR PLOW PART! No need to make sparks and freakin RUIN the road. It’s a good thing they can’t hear me when they drive by because they make me so mad.

The worst part is that at all hours of the morning, they are driving next to my building, going back and forth, doing nothing. Absolutely nothing. It’s almost as if they enjoy listening to the loud beeping sounds. Just stop it please. Plow the snow, that is all. My dad brought up the idea that they are probably paid by the hour. That is the best explanation I have heard all year.

And the ice… They take big bags of salt and just fling it on the ice. News flash, if you make a mountain of salt, it won’t melt the ice everywhere. It’ll only melt the ice RIGHT UNDER THE MOUNTAIN OF SALT. Sigh, if you’re going to use salt, spread it around please?


2. Facebook

Facebook makes me angry. People put some of the dumbest things I have ever seen. We all know those people that if they aren’t complaining about dumb things, they are bragging about dumb things. WE GET IT, you have money and a great life. Don’t have to rub it into everyone’s faces.

(Let me be clear, not everyone is like this, It all depends on the way they post it and exactly what you say. I am usually pretty excited when I see people’s pictures and it’s fun to see what people are doing. But we all know those annoying people, who just can’t stop.)


3. When people give me change.

You go shopping, you buy things, you hand some bills and get change in return. I absolutely HATE it when someone gives me my change bill first then pile the change on top of the bill. Do understand what that takes away from me? It takes away my ability to use my fingers. Now I have to balance all of this change in my hand and somehow get it into my wallet without letting anything fall. WHY DO YOU DO THIS PEOPLE!

It’s a simple concept, hand me my change, so I can clutch it with a few fingers, then hand me the bill, so I can pinch it with two fingers and easily open my wallet and put everything in, without anything falling on the floor. I work as a cashier, I have never EVER handed a bill then change on top. If I do hand the bill first, I make sure they aren’t awkward before giving them the change. You know, to make their lives easier.


4. Another money thing…

When I count money, they all have to be the same way. All the faces have to be facing the right direction. I will not, ever, count money if it isn’t all facing the same way.


5. Singing and Writing.

I can’t listen to myself sing a song. Sometimes I try recording myself and I just can’t do it, I can’t stand listening to my own voice. I mean it sounds fine and all but it just makes me feel weird. Same as my writing. If someone reads my pieces out loud, I freak out, like please stop it. I don’t know why. I think it goes against why I write. I write my thoughts, I don’t want to hear them out loud… That’s weird.


I’m sure I can think of more but I’ll leave at that for now. If any of you do any of these things, please stop it and make my life easier.

It’s almost the weekend guys, hang in there 🙂

– Natalie




Have any comments? By all means, let me know!

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