The Selection trilogy by Keira Cass

OMG! I can’t even.

I bought the first book of this trilogy years ago. Finally took the time to read it and my goodness, I was hooked. I ended up buying the other books within the same week and actually finished The One in 4 hours!

It reminded me a lot of the hunger games because the people were rated with a number depending on how poor they were or what jobs that did. If you were an 8, you were on the bottom of the chain but if you were a 1, you were royalty.

Basically, the Prince (a one) was in need of a wife so they held this competition called the selection where any girl from any social rank could apply, then the prince would narrow it down by eliminating some girls and finally picking one.

The main character, America, was of a lower social rank but she gained the Prince’s attention from the get go. As the story progresses, they realize that there are some secrets being kept from the public and things get pretty serious.

It’s very much like the hunger games and the bachelor all together in one big package.

I highly recommend this series.

I give it a solid 10 out of 10.the selection series


Have any comments? By all means, let me know!

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