The Walled City by Ryan Graudin

Walled cityi was given this book before it’s release date in exchange for a review so here it is:

The cover of this book is what had me hooked from the beginning. Run Fast, Trust No One, Always Carry Your Knife. Sounds like my kind of book, I actually read it in just a few sittings.

The Walled City is about a very dangerous city that contains only criminals and extremely poor people. It’s full of crime and scandal. There are actually 3 main characters in this book.

Dai is a young drug trafficker who works for one of the city’s most famous drug dealers. During the entire book, he is counting down the days he has to perform a specific task. During most of the book, you don’t really know what that task is or why he’s in the Walled City. Dai was a mystery for most of the book, you never knew why he was in the city or what the heck it was he had to do but you knew he couldn’t have been too much of a bad guy. You just wanted him to succeed in whatever it was he was trying to do.

Jin, the second main character, is in search of her lost sister who was taken away to work in a brothel. She pretends to be a boy so that she isn’t taken advantage of. Her speed helps her survive in the horrible environments. Jin was my favorite character. She owned a cat and was really smart when threatened.

Mei Yee is Jin’s sister. She was taken away to work at a brothel because of her beauty. She wishes she could escape but her captors are very strict and have already punished others for trying to do so. I didn’t really like her. I felt like she was too much of a push over and never asked enough questions.

II really enjoyed how the book was divided, every chapter was the number of days remaining for Dai to finish whatever deed he had to carry out and since you don’t know what that is in the beginning, the anticipation is building from the first chapter.

I would describe the Walled City as a dark, thrilling Dystopian novel that deals with subject matters like drugs and prostitution as well as murder. Which is probably why I would recommend it to an older teen audience.

I give this book a 7 out of 10.


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