Super Smash Bros. for 3DS

super smash bros 3dsIt’s been over a year and I’m a little embarrassed. I play video games regularly, like literally every single day and I don’t know why, but I guess I kind of forgot to keep posting reviews on either new games or old games that I’ve been playing.

Here’s one of the most recent games I have added to my collection. The hype on Reddit for this game was incredible so I was at the game store on its release date. Gotta hop on that wagon right?

Nintendo never disappoints me. Super Smash Bros has always been an incredible game to play, I have the GameCube edition as well as the Wii edition. When I heard they were making the game available for the 3DS I was a little skeptical.

I’ve always used a GameCube controller for both Super Smash Bros. games so I thought I would have a hard time getting used to the 3DS controls. In truth, it wasn’t that bad actually. Like any new game, I’m always quite rusty for the first few rounds and I do stupid mistakes, like forget which character I am and casually walk off the map…

Anyways, I actually really enjoy the 3DS edition. The new maps are amazing and the characters moves are really neat. Not to mention all the new ones they added. Like the new Pokemon, Wii fit trainer, etc.

My sister disagrees with me though, she didn’t like using the 3DS at all. Ah well, to each their own I guess. I personally think they did a great job transitioning it to a handheld device.

Great Game!



Have any comments? By all means, let me know!

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