How to cope with distance.

Long distance relationships aren’t easy. They are a lot of work to keep healthy and happy. I’ve done it in the past and it isn’t easy, so if you are in a long distance relationship, these might be some things you can do with your special someone. 🙂

– Skype all the time. Some people might think that’s weird but it’s really important for a long distance relationship to have a good communication and you can’t always achieve that with texts alone, and calling with our cellphones is way too expensive. Snapchat is also a very effective and free app that is fun to use. 🙂


-Try playing video games either just the two of you, or invite some friends. You can even just take turns playing 1 player games while the other watches by sharing screens with each other. Some of our favorite games are mostly zombie killing games, minecraft, sims, etc. I recommend the co-op for Portal 2! Challenging but very entertaining.

portal 2 coop

-Read some books together, kind of like a mini book club. I recommend sticking to young reader books like the Pendragon series or the Maze Runner series because it’s easier to visualize and it’s action packed, no boring parts. I don’t recommend sitting down and trying to read some historical fiction to your significant other, unless that’s your thing, then read on. Also, if you are into it, take turns reading the book aloud to each other. It’s slightly more intimate, and not creepy if you don’t make it so.


– Watch things together. Make a list of things you’ve been dying to watch, you can probably find almost anything online if you look hard enough. Shows, documentaries and movies are all included in this, there are no boundaries. One word: Netflix. Quick Tip: take turns picking what you’re going to watch because it’s nice to know what your partner would like to watch instead of you making all the decisions.


-Download the same app games on your phones and try to find some to play together. The apps that I’ve used in the past are: Draw Something, Chess Live and World Series Online Poker.

draw something

So even if you can’t be with each other for now, you’re still doing a lot together, and it’s only temporary, (hopefully).  As long as the two of you make an equal effort to do things together, it really isn’t hard. Don’t make it a chore, have fun, relax and just enjoy yourselves. I wish everyone out there who is in a long distance relationship good luck and trust me, it gets better and heck if he or she is ‘the one’ then it will all be worth it in the end. 🙂


Have any comments? By all means, let me know!

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