How to cope with distance.

Long distance relationships aren’t easy. They are a lot of work to keep healthy and happy. My boyfriend and I are living very far apart at the moment so to keep in touch and make the distance easier for each other we try to do certain things together. If you are in a long distance relationship, these might be some things you can do with your special someone. 🙂

-We Skype all the time. Like literally almost 24/7. Some people might think that’s weird but it’s really important for a long distance relationship to have a good communication and you can’t always achieve that with texts alone, and calling with our cellphones is way too expensive. Snapchat is also a very effective and free app that is fun to use. 🙂


-We both really like video games so we often play them together either just the two of us or sometimes we invite friends. We sometimes even just take turns playing 1 player games while the other watches by sharing screens with each other. Some of our favorite games are mostly zombie killing games, minecraft, sims, etc. We recently completed the co-op for Portal 2 which was fun. (I’ll admit, he’s a much much more talented video gamer than I am.)

portal 2 coop

-We’ve read some books together, it’s a slow process because to read at the same pace I have to read the book out loud to him. Seeing as I read many books at a time, and read a lot, we keep special books only for when we both have the time to just sit there for an hour or so and read together. We mainly stick to young reader books like the Pendragon series or the Maze Runner series because it’s easier to visualize and it’s action packed, no boring parts. I don’t recommend sitting down and trying to read some historical fiction to your significant other. The results won’t be as rewarding.


-We watch things together. We recently just made a huge list of movies and shows that we really want to watch so from now on when we either complete a season or a movie, I’ll be posting a little blurb on what we thought about it. So far we’ve successfully managed to get up to date with both the Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead. We’ve also recently watched the movie Dumb and Dumber and One Day. Quick Tip: take turns picking what you’re going to watch because it’s nice to know what your partner would like to watch instead of you making all the decisions.


-We download the same app games on our phones and try to find some to play together. The apps that we use right now that are really popular are Boom Beach (fighting armies with your own army), Draw Something, Chess Live and World Series Online Poker.

draw something

So even if we can’t be with each other for now, we’re still doing a lot together, and it’s only temporary. I am really really happy with my life and I couldn’t be any luckier to have found a guy like him. And for all of you out there, as long as the two of you make an equal effort to do things together, it really isn’t hard. Don’t make it a chore, have fun, relax and just enjoy yourselves. I wish everyone out there who is in a long distance relationship good luck and trust me, it gets better and heck if he or she is ‘the one’ then it will all be worth it in the end. 🙂


Have any comments? By all means, let me know!

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