HAPPY 2015!!!!!!!!!

I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry!!!!!!!! I know it’s been a long time. I know I’m bad at making consistent posts. BUT WHO CARES. Let’s be honest, I haven’t been consistent for two years so why change now!

Oh wait, now’s the perfect time because It’s a new year and that’s what people do. They change their habits.

Not me! I’m going to keep going with the flow. Whatevs! You got a problem, you can call my agent. Lol just kidding. Don’t have one of those… YET. πŸ˜›

1. I’m in a great mood.

2. I’m going to New York soon to visit my Boo.

3. I’m finishing up some final touches on a book I wrote during the month of November.

What??? You may say. You wrote a book?

Yes. In fact I did. And I’m proud of it and all it’s apocalypse/alien-ness.

Also, I have big things planned for 2015…

Here’s a picture of a homemade cake my sister and I baked for my mom’s birthday. Love you mom!


Is this a random post? I am feeling a little hyper…




Have any comments? By all means, let me know!

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