Get yourself together woman.

So remember my little post a few weeks ago about 2015? Well as predicted I didn’t post so often after that. I am however trying to get myself on some kind of schedule because I feel somewhat caught in a storm right now. I feel like regular posting will help keep my thoughts in order.

You may have also read my older post about finding a new teen series to read. Well, I gave up that challenge because it requires too much buying. I can’t afford books anymore. Well at least not like I used to… I have a car now. Cars are expensive btw. (don’t get one unless you need one kids)

So I’m limiting myself on how much I can spend per month on books in order to actually afford my bills which seem to be drowning me lately. Instead I’ve tackled the impossible challenge of trying to read as many books that I already OWN as possible.

Pretty much my entire bookshelf sitting right in front of me is full of books that I have never read. Story of every book lover’s life right? I mean come on, new books come out every single week. It’s impossible to keep up with the flow.

Here’s a little story about my good deed of the year so far. 😀

So this little boy came to my work and asked if we had any Pokemon cards for sale. Unfortunately we didn’t. (If so that would have been awesome for me) His parents proceeded to tell me that someone at school had stolen their son’s binder full of Pokemon cards. I felt so bad for the poor guy. He was in grade one so you can imagine how small he was. Anyways, I decided to ask for the parent’s phone numbers and told them that that I just happened to be a Pokemon card collector myself. I promised to go through my cards and give him some that I wouldn’t be needing anymore. I made him some little homemade card packs and customized a new binder with card slots in it so he could rebuild his collection again! It was the least I could do for a fellow Pokemon master 😛IMG_20150122_100659[1]

It feels good to do good things for people! Have you done a good deed this year yet?



Have any comments? By all means, let me know!

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