The Ocean and Me

I’ve lived on an island my whole life. I can even see the ocean from my road. I won’t lie to you, Prince Edward Island is a little slice of paradise. With beaches like this, there’s no reason not to love this place.  Prince Edward Island beach

I live in the smallest province in Canada. It’s north shores merge into the Gulf of Saint Lawrence and the Southern shores border the Northumberland Strait. Despite the enchantingly beautiful island, the ocean freaked me out for years. I just didn’t know what was in it.  I’d have nightmares of all these scary sea creatures that would be stalking me from the shallow waters but it’s too cloudy to see them! I had an irrational fear of sea creatures like sharks and whales. In fact there have been multiple reports of sharks being spotted passing through the Gulf of Saint Lawrence, everything from great whites to basking sharks.That alone gave me enough reason not to go out too deep.

However, despite my childish fears, these last few months I just crave being out there. I don’t know if it’s the island charm taking it’s tole on my soul but ever since I went to school in Ottawa for a year, I noticed how much I loved my island. I crave the beach and I’m starting to crave the ocean. It’s winning my heart over little by little. I still can’t say that I’d go deep sea diving in a heartbeat but man, it’d be fun to go swimming right now. It’s too bad our waters are very cold and full of small icebergs. But to sit on the beach, toes dug in the sand, basking in the sun with a drink in hand? Oh what I would do…

With all these cravings swirling around in my head, I’ve taken the time to develop a little writing project which incorporates the beach, the tropics, traveling, everything! I try to keep my ideas hush hush though. You never know if someone might steal them and make them their own! I can tell you this though, if you take paradise, mix in a little love and a pinch of mystery, you never know what you’ll get! Trust me, I mean this literally. haha.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that I’ll be heading to Cuba in May. I can already feel my creative wheels turning and I think Cuba will be just the right dose of inspiration that I need for my little project. It’ll be so nice to get out of here! Can you believe that PEI got over 400cm of snow this year…

To give you an idea, maybe you’ve seen this video, maybe not, but this happened in the city near my town. I know the guy in that video, his girlfriend taught my french class in grade 11. There was so much snow this past month that some roads only had one lane open. If this video doesn’t prove that we got a lot of snow, then I don’t know what could convince you. It also will justify my craving for the beach.


Have any comments? By all means, let me know!

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