Time is of the essence

I graduated two years ago and I’m turning 20 in two weeks. I thought it would be a good time as any to give myself an interview.

How do you feel about that last statement? I’m fine. It was bound to happen.

What have I done with my life for the past two years? Well, I completed one year of university, then took a year off to work, buy myself a car, write a book and successfully get into another relationship which is going very well. (Just celebrated one year together last week)

You wrote a book?Β Yes, in fact I did. I’m also very close to finishing the editing stage and will soon be putting it online.

So then what?Β I’ll write more books. Who knows what could happen.

So that’s your plan for the future? Essentially yes, I also plan on moving in the near future. And of course, going back to school.

Oh? So you’re going back to school? I personally think education is very important and I don’t want to give up on getting some kind of degree so yeah, I will be going back.

What will you be taking? I haven’t really figured that one out yet…

You said you’ll be moving out soon? How soon is soon? In less than two months actually!

How do you feel about it? I’m very excited! I can’t wait to have my own place. But I’ll miss my family and friends here…

I think I’m headed in the right direction. That’s what life is all about though isn’t it? Trying new things to find what works best for you. Aim for your well being and happiness. If you’re unhappy, change what’s making you that way, no matter drastic it may be.


2 thoughts on “Time is of the essence

  1. I liked your interview! You have a great attitude and I agree, thats what life is about. Set goals, try things out, and if its not right (or if you grow out of it), try something else. Never stop learning and growing. Good luck to you!

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