My 10 Stages of Getting a Haircut

So I recently went for a haircut (took off a good 7 inches) and I’ve realized that I go through the same ritual every single time. I have extremely thick hair and it stays surprisingly healthy, but it grows like a monster. Here are the 10 thoughts I go through when deciding that I need a haircut.

*Looks at self in the mirror*

1. Ugh! My hair is way too long. I can’t do anything with it. Do you have any idea how annoying it is to be sleeping and then get your hair caught in your armpits. It’s annoying. I’ll book an appointment to get it cut tomorrow morning.

*Forgets to make appointment*

2. People must think I’m boring. It seems like ponytails are the only hairstyle that I know how to pull off. I’ll remember to make that appointment sometime this week because I’ve had enough of this hair. 

*6 months later*

3. I’m disappointed in myself. My showers last a good 30 minutes… The hair washing alone takes 25 of those minutes. I’ve waited way too long for this haircut. Enough is enough Natalie, make yourself an alarm on your phone and book that darn appointment!

*Books appointment*

4. You know, I should probably find a personal hairdresser. I always get someone different and it’s never done the right way. Heck, I don’t even know what to ask for. I don’t know the terms of different cuts. I basically just leave my life in the hands of whoever has those darn scissors. Ah well, one more time won’t hurt though right?

*Looks at self in the mirror two days before haircut*

5. I should chop it all off, like to my shoulders or something… Who needs all this hair anyways, It’s not like I can do anything with it. I just need to go in there and do this. No holding back, no regrets. 

*Two hours before the haircut*

6. But my hair is so long… It took so long to grow and it looks so nice sometimes… Okay more like rarely but still… I don’t want to cut it all off… I love my hair! 

*Gets to appointment and sits in the chair*

7. You know what, just chop it all off hair cutting lady. I’ll be happy with whatever you give me. I swear.

*Leaves appointment and sits in car*

8. I have to pretend that I’m happy until I get to my car. She blow dried my hair… I hate blow drying my hair. I feel like a lion. God I hate it. Why did I even get this haircut. My hair is so pouffy. I will never make this hairstyle look good on my own. 

*Gets home and takes shower to let it air dry*

9. That is so much better… I like this haircut now. It looks surprisingly good on me. But I also miss my long hair. Can I even put this in a ponytail? Barely.

*Next day after haircut*

10. You know what, as much as I like this new hair, I think I’ll let it grow out again. But I promise this time, I won’t let it get that long. 


And I do the same thing over and over. It’s a never ending circle that I just can’t break.

You can check out my transformation on instagram. There’s a picture there with my new hair as well as some with my long hair.

Thanks for reading! 🙂


Have any comments? By all means, let me know!

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