In my opinion, moving away has to be one of the hardest challenges I ever had to face. And it’s only been a little over two weeks. Throwing yourself into unknown territory is a scary thing to do, even for the smallest creatures in the world. Why did I do it? Why not?

I had nothing holding me down. Of course, I left the most incredible family anyone could ask for. And let’s not forget my beautiful friends, whom I miss terribly. But this was my decision and I’m not about to back down from this challenge.

It’s not a forever thing. I just needed to get out there. See what there is to see then I’ll come home.

So in order to take full advantage of the situation I am living in right now, I’ve decided to give myself challenges during this challenge. Does that make sense? I want to keep myself busy as well as live a better lifestyle that will in return, make me a better, healthier, happier person.

I will be coming up with a master plan for the future and I fully intend to stick to it. Even if sometimes only loosely.

Challenge categories:

1. Writing : Nope, haven’t given up on that! I want to give myself strict writing goals because I know I can accomplish them! If I don’t push myself, I don’t expect anyone else to.

2. Health: I want to live a healthier lifestyle by continuing my running program and eating right and who knows what else might interest me.

3. Reading: I need to read the books I haven’t read yet. Enough is enough, it needs to be done. (I’ve got a mountain of books I haven’t read…)

4. Social Medai-ing: I want to make it a habit to post regularly on my many social media outlets. Maybe even start up something new.

5. Exploring: I’ve been doing some digging and I think there are some real gems around my city. I can’t just read about it though, I need to go see it!

This is going to be good. I can feel it.


Have any comments? By all means, let me know!

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