Natalie’s words of knowledge

As some of you may know, as of September 2013, I am moving out of my small hometown to live in a big city and go to a huge university that has over 95% more students than my old school. It’s a big change and I have decided to document my new chapter in life and to give words of wisdom to anyone else who might be doing the same.

Tip number one: Pack the majority of your stuff a couple weeks before you leave, saves the headaches and rushing around to find it all last minute.

Tip number two: Don’t pack your entire room, but be prepared to bring more than expected! Better to have too many boxes than not enough.

Tip number three: When you say your goodbyes, keep them light and uplifting. You aren’t dying, you’re moving out. It’s supposed to be exciting.

Tip number four: Don’t pack everything you own. If you do, you’ll end up like me and have to repack everything three times and go through every item and really contemplate if I absolutely need it or not.

Tip number five: If you’re new to the whole living on your own thing, make yourself lists of what to do during the day like what to eat, what to buy and other useful things. In the long run, you will feel more organized and the first couple days of living by yourself won’t be as overwhelming. 

And tip number six: Keep yourself busy! Don’t think about how different life will be. Do things that you enjoy when you’re bored because sometimes your thoughts can be your worse enemy when you’re missing home or unsure of what the future holds for you.

Tip number seven: Pinterest will take over your life so beware if you are using it during class…

Tip number eight:Do the best you can. If you get a bad note, study harder and always give your 100%. The only way you truly fail, in my opinion, is if you don’t try.

 Tip number nine: Not everything goes as planned. Things change and the future you had in mind might morph into something completely different. Don’t panic! Take it slowly and really think about what you want in life.

Tip number ten: Back up your files and take care of your computer because those things make a difference and sometimes, technology breaks down whether you want it to or not.

Tip number eleven: Things don’t always go as planned. Don’t feel overwhelmed if they decide to suddenly change.

Tip number twelve: Keep your head up no matter what. Don’t look away from what happened but look past it.

Tip number thirteen: Never give up and always try to improve yourself!


Have any comments? By all means, let me know!

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