Animal Farm by George Orwell

animal farm

I read this a while back. I can’t even remember. Before Christmas?

Because I went to a french school, I missed out on a lot of those classic junior high – high school english books. Animal farm was one of them.

This book was so small it took me one night to read it front to back and I was very surprised. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I just knew it was popular so I went for it. Now I understand why everyone does this book in high school and such. It was great!

It would be so easy to find some great materials for a book report. This is definitely a read between the lines kind of book.

I’m not going to spoil too much of the story but basically it’s about the animals on a farm that are fed up with being just that. They want to own the farm, run it themselves. So they do just that. Things happen obviously… The animal’s true colours started to show and things don’t go as planned… Those damn pigs.

It was a great book!

I’d give it a solid 7 out of 10. Good book. Not my go to style but easy to read and understand. Litterally anyone can bond over this book.


Animal Crossing: New Leaf for 3DS

This is actually my first Animal Crossing game. I don’t know how I missed that wagon because I’ve had every console it was ever made for. I guess I just didn’t understand the game. I thought it was a bad version of Harvest Moon or something. Boy was I wrong.

Here are a few things I never know about Animal Crossing:

1. I had no idea the game’s days worked in sync with our days. The seasons change as our own seasons change. It pretty much blew my mind.

2. There are like over a hundred different villagers that can live in your town. I thought the ones you start with, you were stuck with forever and that everyone had the same ones.

3. I didn’t know you could unlock things as you played, like new shops or even upgraded shops.

Animel Crossing

Animal Crossing is a simulation video game where you live in a town with other residents who are all animal/human hybrids. Unlike other games, New Leaf let’s you be the mayor of your town. You’re no longer just a resident. You are in charge of developing your town by starting projects like benches, windmills, bridges etc. The more of those projects you make, the more the villagers will like your town. You also collect bugs and fish and fossils in order to complete your museums displays or sell them to make money.

From what I’ve gathered online, here are few of the new things that were added into this game.

-You can go diving with a wet suit to try and catch new items from the sea. 

-The Island is a place you can pay 1000 bells

-The Re-Tail shop is like a flea market where yourself and your residents can put items up for sale, you can also sell your items there for a better price than the shop in town.

-The public works projects. They are exclusive to this game because you’re the mayor and your job is to make the town better.

– The coffee preferences of the customers. (I haven’t unlocked the coffee shop yet though, still working on it)

This game is so addicting and what I like about it is that you don’t have to play for hours at a time, unless you’re trying to make a lot of money on the island by catching rare things then selling them. I usually only play for 15 minutes a day, do what I need to do then wait until the next day so I can do everything all over again. And the characters are so cute. I love when I see someone new come to my town and try to figure what kind of animal they are because some are more obscure than others and their colors aren’t very natural sometimes either.

animal crossing fan art

(picture taken from

I would recommend this game to all ages.  No need to be ashamed of playing a game that more directed towards kids. If anyone told me to stop playing kids games, I think it would take a lot of self control to not laugh right in their faces. Play on gamers! 🙂

Sims 3 expansion packs for PC

Sims 3 expansion packsIf you haven’t already guessed, I love the sims. Here is my collection of expansion packs that I have bought within the last two years.

Sims 3 Pets: This expansion pack let’s you create animals. You can make dogs, cats and horses! It even lets you have animal cages that can carry different animals like birds and reptiles. I love this expansion because you can make an animal very detailed.Sims 3 expansion pack: Pets

Sims 3 Showtime: I love this expansion pack! It gives you more professions like, musician, singer, acrobat, magician. It’s great! The only thing I find complicating is how to fit all your acts in the amount of time you’re on stage because I find sims can be pretty slow…Sims 3 expansion pack: Showtime

Sims 3 Generations: Sims 3 Generations came with a lot of new interactions and items that helps with the development of your sims’ story.Sims 3 expansion pack: Generations

Sims 3 World Adventures: This expansion lets you travel to 3 different locations and collect items that are solely made for that location.Sims 3 expansion pack: World Adventures

Sims 3 Supernatural: Sims 3 Supernatural is an awesome expansion. You can create your sims to be a Genie, Witch, Ghost, Werewolf, Faerie, or Vampire! The best part about this expansion is that you can create potions that can turn sims into zombies!!!!Sims 3 expansion pack: Supernatural

Sims 3 University: This expansion pack lets your sim go to university and study to get a major and then they can excel at the job they branch off to. It isn’t an easy process and a lot of disasters can happen but it’s fun.Sims 3 expansion pack: University Life

Sims 3 Seasons: I always wondered why the Sims never added seasons to their games and I was happy when they came out with this expansion. Every season, the weather changes and you can get new feelings like being cold or hot. You can even catch a cold or get a sunburn. Sims 3 expansion pack: Seasons

Sims 3 Late Night: Late Night came with new instruments and an awesome city like town. I love this expansion because it was the one that had the grand piano. I love playing piano in real life so I was excited for this one.

Sims 3 expansion pack: Late NightAll of these games are 10 out of 10.