Jealous by Labrinth

This is a gorgeous song. The lyrics are simple, beautiful and full of so many emotions. A true masterpiece.


Vampire Knight manga series by Matsuri Hino

vampire knight 1

I’ve been collecting the Vampire Knight manga series for what seems to be forever. It’s actually the only completed manga series that I own. 

For some of you who might not know what manga is, it’s a Japanese style of graphic novels. They are read from right to left so it’s almost as if you were reading a book backwards.

This series is about a young girl, Yuki, that goes to a special school with two distinct class groups. The Day Class and the Night Class. She, along with her associate Zero, are part of the Disciplinary committee. They keep the peace between both classes. The Day Class has many more students than the Night Class, which is a group of elite students with impeccably good looks. What the Day Class doesn’t know, is that the Night Class is full of vampires. Yuki and Zero must protect the Day Class students from discovering that secret.

Yuki, a very cheerful, responsible and sometimes simple girl, was adopted by the school’s headmaster and she has no memory of her past, except that Kaname, the Night Class’s student president was the one who saved her from a rogue vampire. Since then, Yuki has always had a fond admiration for Kaname and he has always favoured Yuki, making the other girls in the Day Class resent her. Zero’s parents were brutally murdered by a vampire so the headmaster took him in too when he was young. Zero is a very dark character that always seems in a bad mood, he holds a dark secret which Yuki is unaware of.

This manga series is very dark and serious. There are a few funny moments because the author is rather humorous and if you look up her other titles, you’ll see that Vampire Knight was a big out of her element. Her drawings are so beautiful and elegant. I actually bought a few of her artwork books for the series because they are so beautiful.

She ended up finishing the series this October… 😦 Vol. 19 is the last one. I was devastated. What will I do with my life???

I actually decided to reread the entire series before finishing up the 19th. They are so good. I love all the characters to much. The ending was really sad, yet really amazing and I just didn’t know how to feel. Should i be happy? No because the series is over. But yes because it ended so perfectly.


If you love manga and haven’t read this series yet, I highly recommend you do. Definitely worth your time.

I give these books 10 out of 10.vampire knight 19

Michelle Phan, you are an inspiration to all!

I’ve been following Michelle Phan on Youtube for a long time now. She has been an inspiration for me from the moment I first watched one of her makeup tutorials. She is honestly one of the most beautiful people you will ever know inside and out, even if you don’t know her personally. Every young girl out there needs to watch her videos, because she has so much to teach everyone. Oh, and did I mention that she is an amazing makeup artist?