Connected Once Again.

Having no internet sucks. So the thought of moving and finding a new internet company seemed like a huge hassle. So I thought: ‘Hey, I kinda like the package that I’m using right now, I’ll just call them and tell them I want it transferred to the new location.’

It sounds dandy, but in reality it was horrible. We waited an entirety of 3 whole days for the dumbos to come install our internet but no one showed up, no one called to tell us why either. After the third stand up, enough was enough. I thanked them for their service but would not be needing it after all, called up the nearest provider that I knew was reliable and ended up getting an even better package than before. Nothing beats that!

So now I have the internet again which means I finally can get back to netflix! And cross stitching, seeing as all my patterns are online. Also video games! And buzzfeed oh and I listen to all my music on youtube so I get that back too! No more screaming heavy metal. yay.

To be completely honest though, it was kind of nice to not have any internet. I don’t want to seem rude but we were completely oblivious to what was happening out in the world. And it seems a lot had happened, horrible and tragic events that I’m sad about, but had no idea about without the internet.

Being disconnected made me want to lead a super simple life. It made me want to cook meals and try my hand at a little baking. It made me physically go to the movie store to rent some movies. It felt good to not be glued to a device or computer because I will admit, I use those a lot. It was also nice to not be constantly reminded of everyone’s birthdays on facebook.

I think everyone should take the time to unplug their phones, pick up an old book that you loved or maybe that guitar you’ve always wanted to get good at but never put the time and the effort into it. Take up that old hobby or passion and do it! It’s those types of things in your life that will give you the most joy, not watching someone else do it on youtube. Or look at the wonderful things other people have done on instagram.

There’s a whole world out there for you to explore, right out your doorstep. (And no, that doesn’t mean by catching them all through pokemon go. Though you could catch a few along the way…)

That felt deep.

The Hundred-Foot Journey by Richard C. Morais

Eeekk! I loved this book so freakin’ much!

10 out of 10!

The Hundred-Foot Journey took me on such a rich and cultural journey that there was absolutely no part that I didn’t like. This book will make you feel the need to travel and eat good food.

The story is about the Haji family from India that moves to France. They open an Indian restaurant right in front of a very classic and very popular French one. The owner of the French restaurant, Madame Mallory, isn’t pleased with her new neighbors and so the fight begins. Hassan, the young man who cooks for Maison Mumbai has an undying passion for food. After he discovers the flavors of French cooking, he wishes nothing more than to learn the fine art of French cuisine. He knows that Madame Malory would be the best teacher, but only if she gets past their cultural differences.

The beautiful descriptions in this book kept me captivated and mesmerized from the first page all the way to the last.

Definitely a must read for anyone who has ever fallen in love with a culture and/or it’s food!

10 out of 10!!!

P.S. I saw the movie and no word of a lie, I thought it was better than the book! Which is saying something! GO WATCH IT PLEASE! Once it comes out on Blu-Ray you need to:

1. Grab a bunch of friends who love food and movies.

2. Cook a bunch of different French and Indian food! (e.i. appetizers, meals, desserts… etc) While listening to a playlist of French and Indian music. (maybe I’ll make one eventually)

3. Watch The Hundred-Foot Journey movie while eating the food and drinking really good wine!


Quick update!!! about me

What a week! I made it to Ottawa! I am all moved into my dorm room! (picture will be coming soon) I got all my cards from the university like my student card, bus card and key to my room. I have been having an awesome time meeting people and just having fun!  Frosh week was crazy. There were activities and concerts.

DSC02046 These two pictures are from a concert that was playing in one of the parking lots literally minutes away from my dorm room. It was none other than Walk Off the Earth. I almost cried when I found out they were playing. They are one of my absolute favorite bands! (Living in Ottawa was a good idea)DSC02043 During one of the activity days, they had set up a carnival with multiple blow up game things and booths with cotton candy, little games and other fun things. A DJ played music while you walked around meeting people and having a blast. The booth games were all sponsored by campus committees so they all had specific subjects. It was pretty awesome. DSC02011

One of the nights during Frosh, we tried going to Parliament Hill and watch the light show but it was cancelled! It was disappointing but I got to see the cool fire pit that I hadn’t seen in a while.

DSC02013I also started my classes on Wednesday. Here’s a quick summary of my classes:

French literature of 18th century


French: Grammar

Music: Elements of music

Philosophy: Critical Thinking

It was a little bit confusing at first, to get around campus and find my classes but I am pretty proud of myself. I don’t have a meal plan, so I am buying my own food and making my own meals. So far, I am having a great time!

I will be posting pictures of my dorm room and other cool things during this next week.

Here’s tip number five:

If you’re new to the whole living on your own thing, make yourself lists of what to do during the day like what to eat, what to buy and other useful things. In the long run, you will feel more organized and the first couple days of living by yourself won’t be as overwhelming. 

And tip number six:

Keep yourself busy! Don’t think about how different life will be. Do things that you enjoy when you’re bored because sometimes your thoughts can be your worse enemy when you’re missing home or unsure of what the future holds for you.