Connected Once Again.

Having no internet sucks. So the thought of moving and finding a new internet company seemed like a huge hassle. So I thought: ‘Hey, I kinda like the package that I’m using right now, I’ll just call them and tell them I want it transferred to the new location.’

It sounds dandy, but in reality it was horrible. We waited an entirety of 3 whole days for the dumbos to come install our internet but no one showed up, no one called to tell us why either. After the third stand up, enough was enough. I thanked them for their service but would not be needing it after all, called up the nearest provider that I knew was reliable and ended up getting an even better package than before. Nothing beats that!

So now I have the internet again which means I finally can get back to netflix! And cross stitching, seeing as all my patterns are online. Also video games! And buzzfeed oh and I listen to all my music on youtube so I get that back too! No more screaming heavy metal. yay.

To be completely honest though, it was kind of nice to not have any internet. I don’t want to seem rude but we were completely oblivious to what was happening out in the world. And it seems a lot had happened, horrible and tragic events that I’m sad about, but had no idea about without the internet.

Being disconnected made me want to lead a super simple life. It made me want to cook meals and try my hand at a little baking. It made me physically go to the movie store to rent some movies. It felt good to not be glued to a device or computer because I will admit, I use those a lot. It was also nice to not be constantly reminded of everyone’s birthdays on facebook.

I think everyone should take the time to unplug their phones, pick up an old book that you loved or maybe that guitar you’ve always wanted to get good at but never put the time and the effort into it. Take up that old hobby or passion and do it! It’s those types of things in your life that will give you the most joy, not watching someone else do it on youtube. Or look at the wonderful things other people have done on instagram.

There’s a whole world out there for you to explore, right out your doorstep. (And no, that doesn’t mean by catching them all through pokemon go. Though you could catch a few along the way…)

That felt deep.


I swear, I’m not dead yet.

First of all I would like to apologize. I keep saying that I’ll post more often and that I’ll have interesting things to say… but that never really happened yet eh? (Yes i’m Canadian)

Welp, not much has happened since the last post. I still plan on going home at the end of April. I have failed to continue posting at a regular time or even anything at all. I try though. I got the WordPress app on my phone so maybe I’ll be able to upload some more stuff. I don’t even take pictures with my camera anymore so my posts have been awkwardly photo-less. A photo-less post is not as exciting as a photo-bearing post.

I am going to say this though, I started a new year’s thing. I have made a bunch of goals that I want to accomplish in 2014 and with each completed goal, I have a reward that I shall give myself. I thought it would be a good idea to document my progress on here. 😀 Show all of you lovely people what the heck I’m doing with my life because sometimes it must seem like I don’t do much.

DSC02077 I’ve been sorting out my Pokémon cards. ALL OF THEM. I probably have a good 3000 cards now. It’s my most prized collection. DSC02078 I always had a hard time deciding how I wanted to organize them in the binder. I usually ended up either putting them by type or by HP level. I soon realized that was a pretty useless idea seeing as I kept getting new cards which meant that I constantly had to reorganize them. That’s why I went with the idea of finally putting them by their Pokédex entries. I’m pretty impressed with my collection. After counting each Pokémon (and leaving spaces for the ones I am missing…) I am only missing 28% of all 6 generation Pokémons. That means a little over 200 cards. *Pats myself on back* DSC02079 I started knitting… Sorry for the sideways image. I thought that knitting would be a cool new hobby. I think I did pretty well without help from my mémé. (Please ignore the extra stitch, I don’t know how it got there, as well as the multiple holes) Btw, it’s going to be a scarf, if you couldn’t already tell…DSC02080

I also recently discovered how to download Pokémon on my phone!!! So exciting. Now I can take my little friends EVERYWHERE. (I haven’t beaten the first gym yet, haha)


So there you have it. Not a bad little update if I do say so myself.  I’ll keep y’all updated with how things are going or if I complete any goals and stuff.  HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY GUYS!


Tihihi… still slacking off.

So here I was all ready to start doing some more awesome posting… but that never really happened. Instead I kind of lost some more inspiration. BUT, it isn’t my fault and there is still hope.

I have lots of homework that needs to be doing.

I have midterms in the near future that need to be studied for.


But I call those excuses. I mean come on, writing isn’t a chore, it’s a hobby. It’s the one way I forget about all this stupid stress and I can finally relax in my own personal bubble of happiness and bliss. Which is why I have decided to kick myself in the butt, (again) and continue writing. This habit needs to be more frequent! Seeing as I’m slowly losing my mind in all of these textbooks, I might as well do something for myself too right? Right!

So this is just a quick post to keep you informed that I have not forgotten about you guys and my wonderful blog 😛 and I will continue to write as often as possible. Just bare with me a little more.

Oh and also, if you’re into pinterest, you should check out my boards:

It’s a new obsession of mine. It’s what I do when waiting for the bus, waiting for class to start, waiting to stop procrastinating… yeah.

So enjoy and have a wonderful day!