What do you mean?

So here’s a quick update,

  1. Luc and I bought an aquarium and some fish.
  2. I’m starting school again really soon.
  3. I really enjoy cross stitching.


Alright enough of that, so I also had something really hilarious happen to me lately. Basically, Luc and I were texting each other one morning and the results were just too funny. Here’s what was said word for word.

Natalie: I don’t think I understood your last text.

Luc: What do you mean?

Natalie: Wow, I was just singing that song right now.

Luc: What song?

Natalie: What do you mean. It’s been stuck in my head all morning.

Luc: Natalie, I haven’t been home all morning, I couldn’t hear you singing.


Natalie: The song is called What do you mean by Justin Bieber.

Luc: Oh. That’s a stupid song name.


Literally the funniest text messages I have ever sent. To this day I can’t say what do you mean without cracking up. Reading over it now though it sounds kind of lame haha. Whatever. ๐Ÿ˜›



6 Reasons Androids Should Have the Smiley Poop Emoji

Here are 6 very good reasons why all Androids should have a Smiley Poop emoji. Yes, we have a stinky poop emoji, but that isn’t enough.ย smiley poop

1. It makes everything okay.

falling bunny

Sending someone a Smiley Poop shows that despite how bad your day might be, you’re okay. It sucks, but you’re okay.

2. It makes you strong.

People will think you have guts and that you take risks! You’re not afraid of showing your true self and that, my friends, is strength!

3. It gives you a sense of humor.
not funny

This emoji makes you an Instant comedian in seconds. No matter what you say, throw a Smiley Poop in there and BAM! You’ll never have another awkward failed joke, ever.

4. It’s flirty.

Your crush may never know what you mean by it, but you do. And that’s all that matters.

5. You’ll never offend anyone, ever.

You can say whatever you want to someone and just pop in that Smiley Poop emoji at the end. They’ll think it’s a comical joke and you’ll feel better for getting whatever you had to say off your chest.

6. Smelly poop stinks.

Smelly Poop emoji just doesn’t cut it. It doesn’t make anyone happy to give or receive a smelly poop.


HAPPY 2015!!!!!!!!!

I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry!!!!!!!! I know it’s been a long time. I know I’m bad at making consistent posts. BUT WHO CARES. Let’s be honest, I haven’t been consistent for two years so why change now!

Oh wait, now’s the perfect time because It’s a new year and that’s what people do. They change their habits.

Not me! I’m going to keep going with the flow. Whatevs! You got a problem, you can call my agent. Lol just kidding. Don’t have one of those… YET. ๐Ÿ˜›

1. I’m in a great mood.

2. I’m going to New York soon to visit my Boo.

3. I’m finishing up some final touches on a book I wrote during the month of November.

What??? You may say. You wrote a book?

Yes. In fact I did. And I’m proud of it and all it’s apocalypse/alien-ness.

Also, I have big things planned for 2015…

Here’s a picture of a homemade cake my sister and I baked for my mom’s birthday. Love you mom!


Is this a random post? I am feeling a little hyper…