Hello World.


I’m glad to be back. It’s been a crazy few months, but I feel great. Ready to start up some new projects and stay on track.

One of these projects is this new blog that I created called Simcerely, Lucie.

Basically, I started a new game and deleted everyone and everything and will start from scratch, adding residents that I create, along with buildings that will be specially designed by me. The blog will written as the fictional character named Lucie Meadows, this world’s first resident.

Feel free to check it out, I’ll be posting it as a sort of diary/news column that Lucie will be voicing.

I wanted to do a unique writing project while still enjoying the game that I have and always will love.

You’ll be hearing from me soon enough,




Sims 4!!

The Sims franchise has always been one that I’ve tried to keep up to date with. I remember being very young and searching through clearance bins for the Sims 1 expansion packs. If I can recall correctly, I am pretty sure I had the Makin’ Magic one, the vacation one, the Superstar one and the pets one. That is the game that started my love for Sims. The Magic expansion and the Superstar expansions were my favorites because:

a) The magic expansion allowed you to use magic and I was really into Harry Potter at the time and the items in that expansion were so freakin’ cool!makin magic sims 1

b) The Hollywood expansion allowed you to actually meet real celebrities and Avril Lavigne was one of them and she’s always been one of my favorite singers so yeah, I was pretty excited. (That’s her walking down the sidewalk.)avril lavigne sims 1

Anyways, I followed through with my love for Sims by buying Sims 2 and collecting a few of the expansion packs but unfortunately I was a little late for that so a lot of the expansions were hard to find. So I decided to just go get Sims 3.

If you haven’t read my previous gaming posts, then you might not know that I literally almost own every single expansion for Sims 3. It’s a great game so when I heard about Sims 4, I obviously was going to buy it as soon as the special edition was released.

sims 4 box

Bam! The New Sims 4 game case cover. I’ve played for almost 50 hours now and it’s an excellent game. The interactions are very intricate and you can multitask in much easier ways than before. The build mode is excellent with the new feature of buying rooms that are pre-made and already fully furnished. Also, the character customization tool is brilliant. You can change every little thing about your Sim. It’s awesome. I am truly impressed with how some of the building tools are easier to use, although I still have extreme difficulty making nice roofs and constantly catch myself glancing at my neighbors houses for inspiration.  Here’s a picture about what the game actually looks like, I mean look at these graphics!

sims 4 gameplay

Here are the few things I want to complain about though.

1: You can’t see the babies needs. Do you know how time consuming it is to wake up in the middle of the night and have to try and make your baby stop crying when you don’t even know why he’s upset. Like no word of a lie, I had a baby that was born for a full week in Sims life and he never pooped once. He was constantly hungry but never ever pooped. Like what? A real baby should explode in real life if that ever happens.

2. There are no basements. My basements used to be the place where I put all the cool items that don’t really make sense in a normal house but now I have to control myself with where I put my stuff because I can’t hide it all in my basement.

3. I thought you couldn’t make a house any more that 2 levels, but that was just my own stupidity I think and it seems like you can make a 3 story house. I was just incapable of figuring out how. It doesn’t really matter though. I never liked building 3 story houses anyways, I preferred 2 story with a basement. So you can see my dilemma.

4. NO POOLS! Like what? Why why why? Why were there no pools? I was so angry. Pools are essential to any Sims game. I got very upset knowing there weren’t any pools. Fortunately for me, pools have been added in a very recent update. THANK GOD. So even if I have no right to complain about it anymore, I was really upset.

Other than those few things, I am really really happy with the new game and I’m excited to see what kind of new expansions they will be coming out with for this game. Fingers crossed for more magic stuff!

New Sims 3 expansion pack!!!! for PC

DSC01958EEEKKK, I got the new Sims 3 Island Paradise!!!! I actually got it in July but since I post a new game review every Wednesday and Saturday, I had to wait a while.

This expansion is so awesome. The new world is a series of tiny islands which you can go explore with boats. You can make house boats which means you get to live your sims’ life on a boat.

♪ I’m on a boat, I’m on a boat, everybody look at me ’cause I’m standing on a boat!♪

Another cool thing about this expansion is that it comes with new items for your pool, two new slides and a bar that you can only drink from while in the pool. Some fountains have also been added. It’s pretty awesome, and I still haven’t explored all the features of this expansion but that’s fine because the Sims are awesome.

10 out of 10


GAH! Why, why why WHY must I procrastinate. I had a full two weeks to work on my book, what did I do? Nothing. Well no, I wouldn’t call what I have done to be nothing. Here is a long list of what I’ve done. (haha)

-I made some pixel art in Minecraft! It took a considerably large amount of time seeing as it is my first one and I don’t have a very good rhythm at it yet. I don’t find it easy to make pixel art in Minecraft. In fact, I think of it as incredibly boring.


-I painted my nails. A nice champagne color. I went shopping for some more things for university like nail polish remover, advil, etc.

-I planned my trip to Orlando Florida. Lately, I was having dreams about going to Disney World and I decided, you know what? I’m going to plan the trip and all the expenses and start up a savings plan and I will go someday!

-I played The Sims 3. Not a lot but I did play a little bit.  Just to pass time. I might play a little more today actually…

– I played a lot of Animal Crossing. What a fun game that is. I bought myself a 3DS and the Animal Crossing game for it is pretty awesome. I play it frequently during the day because you can’t just sit there and play for hours, eventually there is nothing left to do. (I will be coming out with a review on that sometime soon. )

– I went for walks. I had to walk around the neighborhood to see what there was to see.

– I watched TV shows about food. Yeah, that wasn’t very exciting…

– I slept… A lot. I needed that sleep though, this past year and summer were awesome and hectic so it was nice to take two weeks and relax hardcore.

I probably did other things but I can’t think of anything on the top of my head.

Anyways, all that said and done, I will now continue writing for most of the day. Hopefully get a big chunk done of what I wanted to accomplish for the past two weeks. NO MORE PROCRASTINATING!!!! I have to be strong and resist the urge to go on Facebook and other sites that will make me lost concentration… Well maybe I’ll check Facebook one last time… Just once.

Very busy…

After a very busy couple of weeks. I’m back in business! I have a couple of reviews on some books that I’ve read and I have a picture on my new haircut that I’m eager to post.

Tonight will be exciting! I am going to purchase the new Sims 3 expansion pack. It’s called supernatural. Basically, you can make witches, werewolves, fairies and vampires. The best part about it though, is the potion that let’s you start a zombie apocalypse in your town. I have been working on a town to transform it into a walking dead nightmare. I’ll be posting what goes on in the Sims too!
School starts soon. Bring on senior year!